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Polarity Therapy
The same is true of the energy in your body. Think of the batteries in a remote control or a flashlight. In order to create an outward expression of energy, the positive and the negative currents in the mechanism must connect. The same is true for the body. Every body has positive, negative and neutral currents. When your energy is blocked, dis-ease will occur, whether it's emotional or physical. Using these charged currents, Polarity can help move you into a place of greater healing and transformation.
Everything in the world is energy. It never dies, it must always move and transform.
A Polarity session lasts for approximately one hour. Performed on a massage table, the practitioner uses counseling techniques and therapeutic touch to access the client's energy, bringing him or her into better health. From the first session, your energy will begin to move, though it may take a few sessions to physically feel these shifts.
Benefits of Polarity include:
  • Creates balance after stress overload
  • Helps the movement of the respiratory and circulatory system
  • Moves fluid through the lymph system
  • Increases muscle response/diminishes muscle fatigue
  • Aids in relaxation and restoration of the nervous system
  • Brings clarity to emotional and spiritual issues
  • The best way to understand Polarity Therapy is to experience it.
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The History of Polarity
Polarity Therapy was created by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981). While Dr. Stone was an osteopath and a naturopath, he felt something was missing from Western Medicine; that it didn't account for the emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. Dr. Stone traveled the world searching for the perfect healing system. He spent much time in India and beyond studying Eastern traditions of Medicine. The one thing all these traditions had in common was the concept that energy was a part of the human body. Dr. Stone then weaved his learnings together. Yoga, Reflexology, Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, and Cranial-Sacral Balancing are all important influences in Polarity Therapy.
The best way to understand Polarity Therapy is to experience a session. 
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