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Programs & Workshops

Consider Yoga as a program or workshop to run at your library, school, or camp. Classes can be scheduled individually or as a series, for both children, teens and adults. 
  • Popular program and workshop topics include:
  • Introduction to Yoga & Introductory Yoga Classes
  • General Yoga Classes
  • Reducing stress through movement and breath
  • Introduction to Polarity Therapy
  • Using Essential Oils
  • Partner Yoga (for children & Teens)
  • Children's Yoga Classes
  • Moving Stories ( Storytelling through Yoga Poses)

Yoga At Work
A Less Stressful Work Environment Is A More Productive One

Offer an office yoga class to your employees. Read Wall Street Journal's July article on the benefits of Yoga in an office setting. An hour long class will help center and refocus your staff. Other benefits include:
  •   Reduce stress  
  •   Relieve aches and pains from sitting at the computer
  •   Strengthen the immune system, reducing sick time/absences
  •   Alleviate the symptoms of carpel tunnel
  •   Increase memory and focus
  •   Enhance morale and create a healthier work environment
Classes are available on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis with an insured instructor and various pricing packages are available. * At least 8 students must sign up for the class or class series.

Classes can be held in virtually any space.
Contact MaryClare for more details at mc@FiveElementsWellness.com or 516-841-3923. 

Workshops on healthy and peaceful living are also available!